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Ramp sales new hires faster

The biggest performance gap between a top salesperson and a new salesperson is usually the way they communicate live with a prospect. So let's give them a helping hand.

Sales Confidence

Confidence sells

With SalesGem the most demanding of prospect interactions can be navigated to a successful close with little prior research, enabling your salespeople to communicate with confidence.

Reduce sales ramp time

With the perfect response just a click away, even new hires can interact live with cold prospects and turn them into hot leads, just like their most tenured colleagues.

Sales Ramp Up
Sales Personalisation

Personalisation converts

Marketing have had the tools to personalise every customer interaction for years, yielding great ROI. Now it's sales turn to leverage your companies content in ways that improve customer experience.

Reduce staff churn

Selling is a tough gig, and thats reflected by an industry wide average tenure of just 15-months. SalesGem makes life a little easier for a salesperson, helping them convert more interactions and reducing call anxiety.

Happy Selling
Data driven sales

Data driven sales

Understand what dialogue resonates with different prospects across your pipeline. Does a certain competitor differentiator result in more conversions with a certain persona in a particular industry? Use this data to focus your enablement teams efforts.

Want every sales rep to become a high performer?