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Try SalesGem for a 30-day free trial and convert more sales calls into deals

Take a pro-active approach to improving 'live-call execution' with SalesGem.

SalesGem is a new form of AI tool that will compliment other conversational intelligence tools within your tech stack.

  • Optimise training
  • Reduce new-hire ramp-time
  • Improve sales & marketing alignment
  • Reduce call anxiety
  • Capture more useful data
  • Reduce staff churn
  • Convert more calls into deals


No obligations, no payment and no credit card details required.

Do I require a CRM integration?

No, you do not require a CRM integration. We do however recommend integrating your CRM to extract the most value from the SalesGem system.

Can I add my CRM later?

Yes, you can. We recognise the need to show value during a trial and before your enablement team are happy to proceed.

How easy is it to add content?

Content is added directly from the main canvas while in editor mode. It is very easy and simple to understand. Even large companies can get their SalesGem up and running in just a few hours. You can add more content over time.

How many users can I have for the trial?

During the trial period you can invite an unlimited number of users.

Do I require payment details for the trial?

No. We do not require any payment or payment details. There are no obligations for the trail period.