Our products reflect the fact that sales leaders rank ‘live call execution’ as their No.1 challenge. 

Sales Buddy

Our powerful AI finds the most relevant of your companies dialogue and delivers it as a dynamic sales script during a live conversation.

Imagine on day-one, sales reps being able to handle objections confidently; position products appropriately to different persona; qualify a prospects needs fully and discuss the most relevant customer reference stories with ease.

Sales Coach

Sales coaching can cover a broad range of things, from sales tool training to prospecting. The Sales Coach product focusses on one area – live call execution.

Using your pre-populated Sales Buddy, our trained coaches deliver role play scenarios that are highly tailored to your playbook. Each rep receives two 30-minute 1:1 sessions per month (via video call), supporting their continual development at your company.

Plus even more

We make it easy to get the most out of your sales dialogue through our suite of software, coaching and support offerings.

Dynamic Script

A sales script, leveraging your dialogue, that guides a rep through the toughest of sales calls with ease.

Dialogue Panel

Create and manage your dialogue in one place, ensuring continuity across your entire team.

Dialogue Review

Keep your dialogue up to date and compliant by setting review dates (e.g. on customer reference stories).


Understand what dialogue is being used and how it impacts the outcome of an interaction.

Onboarding & Training

Full onboarding and personalised training for all admin and end users.


Live chat support during normal working hours. Sales Coach customers also avail of phone support.

Empower your sales team with winning dialogue

You’ve already invested all that energy creating dialogue for your salespeople. Don’t let it just gather dust in a content management system!