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Turn every sales call into a meaningful interaction by making your playbook and dialogue more accessible to your team.

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Make selling simple

SalesGem helps even your new-hires to communicate like tenured reps by guiding their conversations in a structured manor. The most meaningful dialogue, such as case studies and competitor differentiation can be pitched to a prospect based on what you learn during a live sales call; helping you close more deals.

Improve training

Cut staff churn

Clean CRM data

AI powered selling

All of your companies playbooks and dialogues organised into a dynamic call script that can guide a rep to the perfect response, in real-time during a discovery call. 

Machine learning enables your material to become smarter, your sales reps to become more engaging and your pipeline to convert more.

Sales CRM integration

SalesGem integrates with all the leading CRM which empowers sales reps to personalise their approach. As well as storing call notes, fields can be mapped in a two-way relationship, ensuring your data is readily accessible and updated after every interaction.

With work-from-home becoming more prevalent, sales reps can no longer learn by listening to their colleagues navigate through sales conversations, which impacts their development. Furthermore, new regulation are pushing them to use direct dial are a primary means of prospecting.

What are you doing to help them adapt?

Empowering Businesses, Delighting Customers
Testimonials that Shine!

Discover how SalesGem revolutionised our clients’ sales processes, boosting revenue and customer satisfaction to new heights

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So simple! We’ve reduced ramp-time by 20-30% since introducing SalesGem to our tech stack.

Fintech, Head of Sales


Our sales team quickly got to grips with the SalesGem software and increased their call activity by 30%

Dinesh Dahiya, Founder, uCompare

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I now have the confidence to step back from sales calls – something I thought was impossible given the complexity of our solution.

Startup Founder, Ireland

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Does SalesGem integrate with my CRM?

Yes. SalesGem integrates with most leading CRM providers including Salesforce and HubSpot. This allows you to capture more customer interactions and keep your dialogue up to date.

How do reps avail of the sales coaching service?

Reps can book a 30-minute time slot via the chat bot within the SalesGem platform if you have an Enterprise subscription. Each rep can book a maximum of two coaching sessions per month. Coaching sessions are not accrued month to month.

What is the contract duration?

There is a minimum of 1-year contract.

Is there a hosting fee?

Yes. Each client has their own instance of SalesGem. This ensures privacy and enables each client to add as much content as they would like to the system. To understand the hosting costs, we will need to know the volume of content that will be added to the system. Hosting is typically a small fraction of the price of the system.

How do I manage content?

Users with Admin access can add/edit/delete content. The process is done on the main Sales Buddy canvas and is very simple to use.

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